Why do I need SEO?

Let’s face it, if you don’t appear on page one of search results then you might as well be on page one thousand! SEO is so vital in today’s online landscape and is essential for attracting organic traffic to your website. As with most new technologies, SEO techniques are constantly evolving so it’s important that you keep ahead of the competition and are up-to-date with the most recent techniques out there.

So, that’s where we come in, we’ve done a quick round up of some of the newest and most effective ways SEO is being used to help websites rocket to the top of search engine results.

We all know there’s no place like home and it seems even Google agrees as local searches are taking over. A lot of searches that we do will display Google Place listings and if you’re customer base are local or regional then make sure you’re on Google Places to make sure it ranks higher on SERPS (search engine result pages). Optimise your Google Places Page and make sure your business information is not only correct but consistent in as many reputable places as possible on the he web.

Search and social have now become like Tourvill and Dean, or pie and mash. You can’t have one without the other. Where you appear in SERPs will also be influenced by social cues from the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other social bookmarking. Results are personalised to the user so with SEO campaigns you can include a social element to encourage information sharing and increase the likelihood that they’ll choose your company. Having a presence on Google+ can do wonders for your SEO as we could do a whole blog alone but for now, just remember that there’s a direct link between posts on your Google+ and your search engine results.

We more often than not type questions into search engines so a good SEO strategy will anticipate these questions and of course their answers. Keyword research is fundamental to SEO but remember to cater for the people that will be searching not robots!

Google’s a clever cookie, it can tell the difference between quality content and links and spam links. As always content is king, blogs are great, both by your company and guest bloggers can really add credibility to your brand and of course they’re fantastic for SEO, especially if you think outside of the box and blog about, creating links to, things that your competitors haven’t though of but are still related to your products or service.

Google, Bing and Yahoo have clubbed together to develop schema.org a set of rules and standards that search engines will use to index your site. Checking your site complies to Schema standards, as well as using rich snippets to tell google what information you want to include a preview of on the SERP, will increase the likelihood you’ll not only be found but the chosen click.

So many of us access the internet via our smart phones nowadays so for even better SEO make sure your website is mobile optimised so you’re included in mobile search results.

Remember SEO is an ongoing feat, not a one-off win so stick at it and you’ll really reap the fruits of your labour. Where you appear on SERP can often determine whether your business will sink or swim so don’t be overwhelmed by all the tricks of the trade, use a fast, reliable and affordable SEO service like Bubble Media. Get in touch for more info.